Davie Overland ARC (DOARC)  2018-04-30

            Constitution of the Davie Overland Amateur Radio Club


To promote and engage in amateur radio activities and experiences among a small group of very active and dedicated amateur operators.

Membership Requirements
The club is interested in quality not quantity. We want to keep the club small. Refer to our By-Laws for more details.

Meetings will be held monthly. Refer to our By-Laws for more details.

The club has four officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Refer to our By-Laws for more details.
Elections and Removal of Officers

Elections will be held yearly. Refer to our By-Laws for details.

Removal of a member from office requires an explanation to the members present. The member to be removed will have an opportunity to state their case.

Removal of an officer requires a 3/4 approval by voice vote

Initially the club does not own assets and does not collect dues. When the time comes that we do own assets or collect does we will amend this Constitution.

Amending this Constitution
This Constitution may be amended as necessary. Markups to the current Constitution will be presented to the members and must be approved by 3/4 of the members by voice vote